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The 90-day nonprofit turnabout to more revenue, better and stronger nonprofit boards

...Grow Revenues, Increase your influence, and relieve the burden on volunteers

Answers to your greatest challenges in:

✓ Growing Revenues: Increase sponsorships, memberships and donations

✓ Governance: Clarity & harmony on the board's role vs. staff, evaluating the CEO, policies 

✓ Executing on Strategy: Stop having meetings that don't produce results!

ID'ing the right strategy: Engage audiences who aren't listening

Here's what you'll get with the 90-day turnaround and diagnosis:

"In just 90 days or less, we'll diagnose together the number one obstacle to your nonprofit's next level of performance and build the plan for a turnaround the whole of your board can be proud to be part of"

​✔Diagnosis on the single biggest roadblock to moving your board forward 

✔A confident and more engaging board experience from the knowledge gained in governance and strategy 

✔A clear roadmap towards more revenues and membership 

✔A unique yet counter-intuitive way to attracting the best of board members 

✔Identify the path towards the unique value your organization can uniquely provide Identify the strategy for rallying supporters, members, and/ or prospective board members to your organization

✔Find viable options to improve and get clear on roles and responsibilities while minimizing risk for conflict

✔Benchmark your organization against others for better board decisions

✔Develop a business model for growing and stabilizing revenues

✔A fully actionable and easy to follow WRITTEN plan

About Me



How would you know it’s time to grow your association - beyond what volunteers or even just a small staff can do alone?

Being a board director should be about a passion for giving back to your industry or profession. Your association's operations shouldn’t be a second job.

Experience what it's like to be on a board that excels at governance and gets stuff done. Mark is a three-time Executive Director, President, and Founder of an association specifically for nonprofit board directors - like you! A facilitator and trainer of nonprofit boards in governance, fundraising, board succession planning and in strategy execution, Mark has been an invited speaker world-wide.

Clients work with Mark in his newly launched, "90 day nonprofit diagnosis to better and faster board decisions" that creates a plan that grows your revenues, membership, finds the unique path your organization needs to set itself out to become an essential voice for your stakeholders, and dramatically attracts and retains the best of board member candidates for your organization.

✅19 years' experience helping associations and non-profits to:

​✔Raise funds Boost membership. 

✔Streamline administrative systems and slash costs. 

✔Raise their stature with government. 

✔Develop a plan for long-term sustainability and growth.

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Here's what others have said about Mark:


"Mark has an extensive track record of consulting with Not For Profit Boards and providing them with invaluable tools and advice. He specializes in the ultimately unpopular, unsexy and yet entirely necessary subject of Board Governance. He makes the topic both engaging and interesting." - Gerry Thibert

Results matter and Mark gets results.

I believe any board of directors that selected him to lead their organization would be well rewarded with his skills, abilities, and commitment. 

Ed Rigsbee, Author of "The ROI of Membership"

It is my pleasure to recommend Mark Buzan as an executive leader of organizations...

I always found him to have a keen strategic sense.

Alexandre Delacoux, Former Director general of the Bureau of International Recycling

I've been working with Mark for over 10 years

He's one of the hardest-working people I know. His knowledge of the industry is great. Very professional.

Yann Brisebois, CPA (Accountant to numerous nonprofits) 

"Experience, dedication and a thorough understanding of the nonprofit milieu."

Ralph Bloch , Bloch & Reed Association Advisors

18+ years experience in nonprofits

More than $500,000 in new revenues raised

Certified Association Executive


Strategic Facilitation

Services offered

I can show you a path towards having more time to yourself, have a more enjoyable volunteer experience all while growing your nonprofit or association's revenues (not to mention much more impact!). 

Contingency/ Commission based events

Executive Director & 

full nonprofitmanagement

Volunteer board leadership shouldn't be a second job. Good nonprofit management means getting the most from your time as a board director

The right Executive Director or strategic consultant means having a trusted and experienced advisor to the board